It’s a beautiful quiet thought right?

Something doesn’t feel right. It’s too quiet. Your cell phone hasn’t rung in at least two minutes. What’s going on? Oh wait, that’s because you’ve delegated all your call answering to a professional live receptionist service.

Go ahead and feel smug.

That’s what it feels like when a professional receptionist takes care of distractions.

In this guide, we’ve outlined 10 simple questions. If you answer ‘yes’ to at least one of them, it’s likely that you will benefit from a live receptionist service. Let’s get started.


How Do I Know I Need a Live Receptionist?

  1. Are you losing sales or not connecting with prospects because you miss important calls?

    Unfortunately, for busy entrepreneurs this happens all too often. Live Receptionists can respond to inquiries quickly so that potential leads become paying clients in no time.

  2. Do you frequently ignore or miss calls because you’re in meetings or otherwise preoccupied?
    Ignoring calls is one of the worst things a growing business can do, and leads to disgruntled clients and lost leads. Live Receptionists are trained to handle calls on your behalf when you’re too busy to get to the phone.
  3. Do you get lots of calls from telemarketers, solicitors and robocallers?
    A Live Receptionist will handle time-wasting calls on your behalf. They can be blocked, diverted to voicemail or forwarded to another line, depending on how you want to deal with them.
  4. Do you feel you don’t convey the right level of professionalism when answering calls?
    If you find yourself answering calls hastily but not necessarily in a professional manner, pass the responsibility onto a Live Receptionist. They are trained professionals who answer calls in your company name, on brand, every time.
  5. Are you spending so much time answering your phone that it distracts you from other business priorities?
    This is a common problem for startups and entrepreneurs — and it’s one of the most common reasons why business owners sign up to a Live Receptionist service. Place your trust in a Live Receptionist who can handle that side of the business for you.
  6. Are you frequently in your car or in another noisy area when you answer your phone?
    It’s a situation we all find ourselves in, and it’s far from ideal. Live Receptionists can dedicate their full attention to your clients and make sure nobody slips through the net.
  7. Are you often multi-tasking when you answer the phone?
    Entrepreneurs wear multiple hats, and distractions are commonplace. But when clients don’t get your full attention, you place valuable relationships at risk. By delegating your calls to a Live receptionist, your clients receive a superior call experience that’s 100% focused on their needs.
  8. Are you constantly deleting old messages because voicemail on your cell phone, landline or VoIP phone is full?
    If yes, then a Live Receptionist will make sure that every call is answered promptly and dealt with according to your instructions. If you don’t like listening to voicemail, your Live Receptionist can take messages and forward them to you for a small fee.
  9. Do you dislike talking to people on the phone?
    Some people prefer emails and messages rather than speaking on the phone. Live Receptionists, on the other hand, take it all in their stride. Their telephone manner is second to none and they’ll take care of every call and handle it per your instructions — even if that means taking a message and emailing it to you.

    As you can see, there are many different ways a Live Receptionist service can support your business, and help you win back more of your valuable time.

    It’s our Office Alternatives’ mission to help you become more productive by saving time and working more flexibly. You can’t do that when you’re tied to a desk or a cell phone. So with our plans, you get affordable month to month service with no obligations. Our Live Receptionist service is a cost-effective and flexible way to support your business growth plans, every step of the way