Conference Rooms - Albuquerque, NM - 2 locations

Our Albuquerque virtual office services provide hourly meeting and conference room space as well as day offices. The solopreneur small business owners using our space versus a crowded coffee shop tend to appear bigger and more established not to mention more professional!

Using our hourly conference rooms and boardrooms to meet clients instead of coffee shops provides the “edge” you need to come across professionally compared to competition. The local friendly onsite receptionists greet the incoming client as if our office is your office (and it kinda is) and our receptionist is yours.

Amenities include

    • Full time Front Lobby staff to greet your guests
    • High speed Internet via data port as well as Wi-Fi
    • Free coffee and filtered water or private coffee service in-room $15
    • Company name on the suite directory (small fee)
    • Projector (free) or flat panel TV
    • Access to pay per go – copy, print, scan, fax (for a small fee)
    • Admin help (pay per go)
    • Coffee service, snacks, catering

    We maintain our conference rooms to ensure they’re always welcoming and ready for business. We rent our space to a wide range of businesses and professionals who need our space to conduct various aspects of their businesses. In addition to our Albuquerque, NM, conference rooms and meeting rooms, we also feature essential office equipment, and even support staff as needed. Our offices are clean, stylish, and welcoming. Why invest in a costly lease when you can rent our professional meeting rooms when you need them?


    Levels of Office Alternatives Membership:

    BASIC MEMBER – $29.99 monthly/$25 setup fee

    Our Basic plan gives you the “Freedom to Office” when and where you want! It includes member pricing which is heavily discounted rates for day offices, executive board rooms, conference rooms, and training rooms at your convenience.

    • Professional office space with amenities and free coffee
    • Convenient Booking

    Online Portal for access to real-time meeting space calendar and the ability to schedule, cancel, or modify room reservations; review past reservations and view invoices 24/7

    Our reception staff greets your clients as your own staff would. A professional classy business building gives the appearance of a well-established company.

    • Access to Wi-Fi and our WIFI/Co-working Lounge (West location)
    • Access to Copy/Print Low print fee
    • Access to scan/fax – FREE


    VIRTUAL MAIL/ADDRESS Join as a virtual mail member (click here for info), automatically provides the benefits of the basic membership and the member pricing on hourly space.


    VIRTUAL OFFICE COMBINATION PACKAGE – Provides the member benefits and pricing, virtual mail and virtual telephone reception services for one low price. BEST DEAL!


  • Is there a fee for parking?

    No, all parking is free and there’s plenty of it onsite

  • Can I access my office on the weekends or at night?

    Yes, as a tenant member of Office Alternatives and an office renter, you will have a building security card to access your office day and night.

  • Can I use the building office address to receive mail?

    Yes absolutely! That’s a perk.

  • Do the office rentals include administrative services?

    Yes for a small fee, you may outsource your business’ administrative needs or telephone reception. A copier/printer is available pay per click and billed to your monthly invoice.

  • Is there a contract or lease?

    It depends. We offer month-to-month in some of our spaces and a 12-month minimum lease in others. Check with the onsite manager at each location.

  • Are the offices furnished or unfurnished?

    Mostly unfurnished yet we do have a few offices open up on occasion with furniture for an extra fee. Check with the site manager.

  • Is there a discount if I sign a lease?

    That decision is up the site managers and varies on market conditions. Please contact our offices.

  • Are the offices all-inclusive?

    Yes, they include internet, a phone, coffee, utilities, a receptionist up front, janitorial, pest control and more!

  • How much is an office?

    The answer depends on many factors including location, amenities such as windows, outside access doors, interior, square footage…and other factors. Call us today for a tour.

  • What is meant by “Virtual office?

    A virtual office or also known as Virtual Services, gives businesses that usually work-from-home or on the road a physical address and office-related services without the overhead of a long lease and administrative staff. With a virtual office, employees can work from anywhere but still have things like a professional mailing address, phone answering services, meeting rooms, and administrative services.

  • Why get Virtual Mail versus a PO Box?

    Using Office Alternatives’ address as your business address has several advantages. First you are able to have our Class A Professional Office building pull up when someone types your business name or finds into Google or other search engines instead of your personal home or a PO Box. This gives your business a professional image. Secondly, many advertising sites and Google, will not allow you to use a PO Box thus you will end up using your personal home address regretfully. Lastly, having a professional place to receive important mail and packages ensures these items are safe and secure. Nowadays with theft and fraud, this option provides peace and security.

  • Do I get an assigned PO Box Number?

    Yes and No. As a virtual office/mail client, you use our building address with no box publicly. Internally, we sort and deliver your mail to our internal “box” whereby you have keys and can access your box 24/7.

  • What if I cannot check my mail?

    Just call or email us. We can check your mail and email you the contents. You also have the option of paying to forward your mail to you if you're out of town.

  • Is there a limit to the number or size of packages I receive?

    We encourage customers to limit large packages such as furniture, large printers and equipment. We are not set to receive such items and they could incur at extra charge. We also charge $3 per day for each large package left after three days.

  • Can I leave items for my customers to pick up at your office?

    Yes! We have many customers who use our office reception as a mediator to leave items for their clients to pickup. We charge a small administrative fee for this service.

  • Are you a commercial agent for the US Postal Service?

    Yes we are a Legal USPS Federal Commercial Registered Agent.

  • Can I use your professional address to register my LLC?

    We do sell an LLC registered agent service on top of the virtual mail package for a nominal fee. This package is ONLY for the Secretary of State site and does not include use of our address for other purposes.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    We require a one-month written (email) notice to cancel services.

  • What happens when I cancel my service?

    Your mail will not be forwarded. You can pay a low fee to have us hold it until all critical business interactions have your updated address. If not, the mail is returned.

  • What’s the difference between an answering service and a virtual telephone receptionist?

    Answering services are often impersonal and state “I’m just an answering service.” They are not perceived as a member of your business. At Office Alternatives, our receptionists present themselves as an extended member of your team.

  • What can my receptionist do?

    Office Alternatives’ receptionists answer your company’s calls with the desire to delight and wow your clients. They can answer the calls within 4 rings, connect calls to you and your staff as directed (Cell, Voicemail, Another number), take messages, screen your calls, return calls on your behalf, answer some common questions your company gets, and take messages to email or text you.

  • What number do you use? How does it work?

    You can forward your company phone number to Office Alternatives (usually*87), port your number to us, or we can give you a phone number for a low price

  • How long does it take to get setup?

    Once setup, we start answering calls within hours for your business and handling the calls as directed. Setup is usually within 2 business days.

  • Is there a contract?

    No, our services are month to month with a one month cancellation notice

  • How do you answer the calls if you’re virtual?

    Typically, the call is answered by a virtual receptionist with a greeting you choose or a standard greeting. The receptionist asks for the caller’s name and reason or calling. The receptionist contacts you or your team members as directed. You will know it’s one one of your OA answered calls by seeing our name as the caller ID. You can then screen the call and ask the receptionist to redirect it to another team member, your voicemail, take a message etc. If accepting the call, the call is transferred immediately. If you decline the call, the receptionist handles as you direct.

  • How do you know if I am available to take calls?

    You can update your status daily even hourly by calling us or emailing us any time during the work day or keep a standing set of instructions on file with us

  • Does Voicemail come with this service?

    Yes, we can assign you your own VM box and even email you the file to play as an audio wav. file.

  • What if I have two businesses? Can they share the service?

    Yes as long as your greeting can remain simple enough to state and your calls easy to handle.

  • Do you handle NON-New Mexico businesses?

    We can answer 8-5 Monday - Friday in Mountain time. We can provide a non-NM phone number but we cannot change our answering hours.

  • How many people can the training room hold?

    Great question. The room can hold up to 35 theater style chairs beside each other without tables. Depending on the configuration needed with tables, we accommodate up to 25 comfortably with space.

  • Can you accommodate catering for my event?

    Yes, we offer private coffee and tea service, snack packs and can arrange boxed lunches for your event.

  • Can you accommodate off-hours such as early morning, evenings, or weekends?

    Yes, with pre-arrangement and an extra service charge, we can make arrangements off-hours.

  • Do both locations have a coworking space?

    Yes, we have a small cafe at the West side with 4 desks and we have a large space at the Lang location. Day passes are available.

  • Is there a fee for using the coworking space?

    It depends. Discuss with the Site manager what is available to you today.

  • Can I access the coworking space 24/7.

    Depending on your business need, we have made specialized passes that authorize access of the space during off hours. Discuss with the Site manager at that location.

  • Do you have food and drinks at the Coworking lounge?

    We have coffee and filtered water free of charge.

  • How much does it cost to rent a conference room?

    Office Alternatives has day offices and small conference rooms for as little as $15 per hour for members. We also have medium and large board rooms and a training room.

  • How do I reserve an hourly space?

    As a member, you may call us, email us or reserve using the Member Portal from our website. If you’re not a member, you may call or email us directly and we will gladly book your space for you.

  • Can I rent hourly space long-term such as a full week or month?

    Yes, we have clients who need the space for a week to four weeks at a time and have rented our hourly space. Contact us today to discuss your needs

  • Do you have projectors or flat panel screens?

    Both locations have projectors and some of our hourly rooms have flat panels to plug directly into.

  • What is your cleanliness procedure between rentals?

    All of our rooms are sanitized with commercial sanitizer between renters.

  • Can you accommodate off-hours such as early morning, evenings, or weekends?

    Yes, with pre-arrangement and an extra service charge, we can make arrangements off-hours.

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