Office Alternatives “Lang” location has EXPANDED!!

Office Alternatives, circa 2006, has decided to expand the Lang Journal Center location this year and remodel the main spaces. Due to the increased demand in full-service all-inclusive office space with low commitments and low overhead, we have added 6000 sq feet and 20 new office suites to rent out. Prices range $750-$1800 depending on size and amenities, all-inclusive.

In addition to the offices, we have added another small conference room, a large training room and a large “Event center” room. Christina Esterly describes “the event center is a new type of accommodation for Office Alternatives. Up until this space, the largest gathering we could hold was 20 people. Now, we estimate 50-60 people can gather for a seminar, customer appreciate evening or party.”

The nice thing is OA chose a current client to build out the new suites. Nationwide Building Enterprises which offices at the West side location, was the chosen contractor.

In addition OA has recently added new flooring to its existing suite 100 space, new lighting and paint. “We’re really excited about all of the uplifts we’ve invested in, “ Esterly commented.

Think about our new OA space next time you have an event or training. The spaces can be rented during the day or after hours with staff or without staff.

is the time to “get out of the house” and be productive in the workspace.

Call 505-796-9600 for Info!

Or Stop in for a tour!

4801 Lang Ave NE Suite 110/100 Journal Center

Across from US Bank