A virtual address is a professional business address for you company to use to receive mail/packages, list on Google/Bing and other sites, list on your business’ marketing collateral and give out as a place to meet clients by the hour.

Prestigious Business Address

A virtual address is a real, physical business address – a formal notice of the location of your business operations. But a virtual address is more than just a practical tool. It’s a strategy for boosting your business image.

A virtual address from Office Alternatives gives you access to a Commercial Class A or B building without the costs and commitment of a long-term lease and without using a Box number like the mail stores provide. Instead of using your home address or not listing a location at all, this option boosts your professional image and establishes credibility and trust with your clients, prospective clients, vendors and business partners.

A virtual address comes with the use of a private box number internally used to keep your mail private, safe and secure. Office Alternatives provides different sizes of mailboxes, depending on your shipping and receiving needs. We can even forward mail out of state so it looks like your business has a New Mexico location but you really don’t. Each private box comes with its own key, and optional 24/7 access allows you to pick up your mail on your own schedule.

Professional Receptionists Receive Incoming Mail, Packages, Pickups, Dropoffs

Office Alternatives’ locations are staffed with professional receptionists who handle incoming and outgoing mail and packages. These professionals ensure the security of your deliveries, and also solidify relationships with existing customers who are dropping off or picking up items.

Online Visibility

A virtual address can allow a business to claim a Google My Business listing, which isn’t possible when using a home address. This is important as consumers increasingly turn to Google properties to get information about a business. When a local consumer searches for a service, a properly formatted Google My Business profile increases the chances that your business is the first presented by Google to the consumer.

Extend Business Presence

When it’s time to expand your business operations into new territories, a virtual business address gets your foot in the door. Subscribing to Office Alternatives’ two locations (two mail packages) affords you an opportunity to claim your business presence in NE Heights and on the West side. How many of your competitors can do that? An address allows you to claim territory while avoiding the high costs and long-term commitments of commercial real estate. As your business presence grows in your new area of business, the level of your virtual office services can increase as needed.

Package Confidence and Security

Highly trained staff, who are familiarized with clients through an extensive orientation, sort and handle your company’s mail.  From scanning and forwarding mail* to notifying business owners of important deliveries, you can be sure that your mail and packages are properly handled.

*small fee required