Save your business by lowering overhead – Downsizing your Office Space

Perhaps your lease is nearly up or you’re going to be breaking it, a Coworking or Executive Office Suites rental place is a great way to get all-inclusive office space without the overhead and long commitments. Executive office suites have everything you need available to you 24/7. This means you can scale back your overhead and save not only on lease space, but utilities, copier contracts, phones, receptionist headcount, internet and more. Some clients find that they can reduce operating expenses by $35-48,000 per year. That’s a great way to save your business.

Want to Get away from the house but play it safe?

Executive office suites and coworking places have onsite fully-loaded private office suites which are typically available 24/7 by the renters. The unlimited access would allow you to come and go on “off hours” to have a private place to work without distractions from kids and pets, but limit contact with others.

Moving your business to “work from home” for good without giving up the image you have a good-sized operation

Many virtual office providers, such as Office Alternatives, provide virtual services that make it look like you work from a Class A office building with your own staff even if you are a one-man or woman show. If you had to downsize your staff, and find it to be quite overwhelming, a company like ours, can provide virtual services giving your business a professional address, so you have the use of it on your website and you My Google Business listing as well as all of your marketing collateral. It also gives your business continuity so even if you move residences several times over the decade, your business address listing is always the same. Your business obtains a safe place to receive mail and packages that you can check whenever you feel like 24/7. And when you need office space, you can rent hourly offices and conference rooms at a fraction of the non-member pricing. Many virtual offices also provide reception service for your business as well as light administrative help by the hour.

Give up keeping up with your phone

Let the professionals of Office Alternatives’ Virtual Receptionists team, our PROS team, answer your business line with a quick forward 1, 2, 3 to the number we assign you. Our team will answer your business calls so you are freed up to work without distractions. We’ll handle your calls how you instruct us, screening them, routing important calls and even taking emailed messages. This avoids missed sales altogether and the frustration that is growing because companies are not answering with a live person these days. Clients are frustrated with long wait times, unreturned calls and emails. Office Alternatives can also handle your calendar bookings/appointments and light administrative work making it easier to downsize your staff and save operational costs. This means more money in your pocket as you try to save your business and begin the daunting tasks of growing. Easy peasy – it’s as if you gained a full-time 8-5pm receptionist but don’t have to pay a salary or manage them