3 Services You Must Have If You Are Starting A Business or Moving Your Small Business As You Are Relocating To Albuquerque (ABQ), New Mexico

If you are moving to Albuquerque, and starting or moving a business, there are 3 services you must look into to provide your business Credibility and a professional image right out of the starting gate.

  1. Secure a Professional Business Address for your business – As you relocate, you might be tempted two use your personal home address or a PO Box for your business. Don’t! Having your home address show up on your “My Google business listing” looks very unprofessional and what happens if you move again? Using a Virtual Mail service provider, such as Office Alternatives, provides you with not only a place to receive your business mail and packages, but also the use of a professional commercial grade building address for your business. PO boxes are not allowed on Google listings and also look very shady. So…providing a professional address for your business is crucial for your business credibility. For a small fee, you can also secure our second location and say that you have “two locations in Albuquerque” … thus providing a more established look and presence in the city. This is great for business just starting out whether brand new or as a relocated business.
  2. Secure a professional answering service, and professional local business number for your business. Virtual Reception Service Can provide you a business phone number and a team of professionals had answer your business line Office Alternatives provides a business phone number and a monthly phone answering service package whereby we act as part of your team never indicating that we are an answering service. We answer and route your calls handling them as you direct us. Office Alternatives has professionally trained staff that can save SALES by answering calls that you would have missed. Also, this frees up your cell phone to remain private, thus providing you a business number that you can use long term. Our phone answering service packages are very affordable and have no commitments.
  3. Use a professional space to meet clients. Office Alternatives rents day offices, conference rooms, training rooms and board rooms by the hour. As a member, you will always have a professional space to meet clients ……again looking more established and credible than those meeting someone in a coffee shop.

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