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Business HR

Office Alternatives is poised to become Bernalillo County’s leading supporter of small businesses with our range of services. We feature human resources services for our Albuquerque, NM, clientele. With virtual business HR from OA, you can focus on your business while we help out with your virtual staffing needs.

Need Albuquerque, NM, business HR while you’re working at your Office Alternatives executive office suites? Office Alternatives specializes in virtual business HR. We can provide your business with pay per go assistance such as virtual office assistants, a trained virtual receptionist, and other support staff to help you conduct your business meetings, training sessions, or other business-related activities. No need to hire permanent employees or temps to assist you. We have trained, experienced pros right here at Office Alternatives.

There’s a reason why many businesses steer resources to the creation of a human resources department. But if you’re a small business, you may not care to invest in human resources staffing. Nevertheless, you may need the assistance of HR pros from time to time. Now, you can rely on Office Alternatives for Albuquerque, NM, business HR services. Tell us about your staffing needs so we can help you fulfill them with our seamless small business services.

Office Alternatives provides a suite of business-related services for our Bernalillo County clientele. We offer executive office suites for rent. You can rent them by the hour, day, and month. We also feature a business wifi center at both of our coworking facilities complete with comfortable seating and high-speed internet. You can even enjoy access to our shared office equipment and mailing services. Visit us or call to schedule your office rental or to discuss your business HR needs.

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