As a real estate agent, you’re constantly on the go. If you work with a brokerage, you likely have access to a commercial office space when you need to sit down and get some work done. Solo agents or those just starting out, don’t typically have the same luxury, which is where virtual office services can come in handy.

From virtual assistants who can help you get more done in less time, to the nuances of different virtual office spaces, here’s everything real estate agents need to know about working from a virtual office.

What type of virtual office is best for my real estate business?

If your business is anchored at home, it’s important to know your options to present a big business image that disguises this. Virtual office providers, such as Office Alternatives, can provide several options for you that will help. First, a virtual mail package is a great way to start. It provides the use of a professional address, the building image and location for your business without you having to lease an actual office onsite. The Virtual mail package also receives your mail and packages at that address and a receptionist sorts and puts away your mail until you’re able to pick it up or have it forwarded. Another features is that you are able to have clients drop off and pickup packages or paperwork for a small fee and you’re able to rent day office space or conference rooms that make it “appear” you have an office and staff onsite when you actually don’t have employees or a lease. You can also have your name listed on the door directory to really pull off the image. These features give you the image of having a long time bigger established business on a small budget of $60+ per month. 

Secondly a virtual office provider can also offer monthly onsite executive private offices usually inexpensive and all inclusive as your business grows. Onsite offices at Office Alternatives have no lease required and come fully equipped with wifi, utilities, janitorial and more. Again, the receptionist up front is also your receptionist and appears like you have staff. 

Lastly, most providers offer some type of Virtual phone receptionist whether you work from home or have an onsite office. This means a local employee who pretends to be part of your real estate team, answer your business phone with a professional greeting, routes the calls according to your daily instructions and takes email or texted messages. No more missed clients!

Taking advantage of additional virtual services

Many virtual office spaces also offer a variety of support administrative services for business owners — some even have virtual assistants with direct real estate experience. 

If you think you could use some extra help with your real estate business, ask about these additional services when vetting office space providers. One important thing to look out for is whether reception services are local or outsourced. As a real estate agent, if you hire a virtual receptionist to help take phone calls, using an assistant with local knowledge can make a huge difference.

In short, Call Office Alternatives today at 505-796-9600 to explore our many virtual and onsite offerings to help your real estate career thrive!