Law firms have been seeing that the traditional private office structure, which has been the typical law office design for decades, seems to have run its course. Shared Executive or temporary office space, or coworking space, is allowing lawyers to operate a more lean and mobile operation with little overhead without sacrificing the corporate executive appearance.
There are many benefits shared or virtual office spaces can provide to your firm, such as:

Cost Savings

With more firms shifting towards a value-based work structure, office cost savings is becoming a huge factor in the law industry. Executive office space, rented month to month or even by the hour, allow for a huge reduction in overhead costs, such as the amenities needed for day to day work like reception, furniture, and wireless internet. At OA, these necessary amenities are included, along with a flowing supply of coffee to keep you energized through your workday.


Many law firms are choosing a more mobile lifestyle. They often want to work from home or from any location. Having a membership at Office Alternatives allows them to still provide a class A professional image on a dime and “office when and where they want to.” Virtual Mail and Virtual Telephone packages afford the use of a professional business address in Journal Center and/or the West side as well as a live receptionist to answer the firm’s phone during busy business hours. The hourly rentals of conference rooms and day offices provide an executive environment to meet clients with high speed internet, a receptionist to greet the client, free coffee and other amenities for a low cost per hour. This enables you to book space only when needed yet still appear to have a pretty smooth operation going.


A Virtual mail company such as Office Alternatives, provides a secure place to receive mail and packages as well as act as a drop-off hub for your clients dropping paperwork off or picking up something you’ve left for them. Some attorneys need to shield themselves from client access due to the types of law they cover. Meeting at OA means the clients do not have access to a home address or a brick and mortar building whereby they can blindside you with an unexpected turn up.

Low Overhead Offices

OA has fully loaded Executive office suites onsite month to month. This enables you to set up that law practice you’ve always wanted without the overhead thus maintaining more income in your pocket. With a live receptionist to greet your onsite clients, there’s no need to hire your own thus saving $35k per year or more. Add a Virtual Telephone Reception package and now your law firm never misses a phone call. Of course high speed wifi, coffee, janitorial, utilities, and pest control are all included keeping your costs only to one month to month OA bill.