Take calls from anywhere: Receive calls on your cell phone or any WiFi-enabled device and maintain productivity while working from anywhere. 

Voicemail by text or email: Have voicemail messages emailed to you or transcribed into text so you can read them on the go. 

Reduce distractions: Having your phone answered and calls screened helps you save time and reduce distractions by easily diverting calls to other team members or to voicemail. 

Provide helpful information so you don’t have to – A receptionist can provide basic information to your clients such as business hours, company directory, and any other helpful information. We can even fill out intake forms and email you leads.

Streamline the call experience: Assign the right staff to the right call categories to streamline your clients’ experience. Calls for HR to go Kathy. Calls for Sales go to Susie etc etc 

Appear larger and more staffed than you are: Using a reception service makes your company appear to have a bigger team onboard than what you can afford or want to afford. A team of professionally trained receptionists represent YOUR company image.