Attorneys/Law Firms: How to Reduce Your Firm’s Overhead

As a busy lawyer, you likely have a lengthy to-do list that never seems to end. If you’re responsible for practicing law and running the business, your list of daily obligations will be even longer.

If you’re feeling stressed out about your own list of responsibilities right now, there’s some good news:

There’s an easier way to practice law and run your law firm… without losing sleep or skipping an important family event or escalating payroll costs.

Introducing: Virtual Office Services

The terms “virtual office or virtual services” encompass a wide array of solutions that lawyers can use to win in key areas of their practice. At Office Alternatives we break things down into two main categories: rentable office spaces and virtual office services. At Office Alternatives, some of our members even use virtual services and spaces to run the entire business from home without one single client realizing it.

Rentable Office Spaces: Physical Office Space & Meeting Rooms

Office Alternatives provides attorneys two options for office space. One is hourly and the other is monthly with no long-term leases.

Hourly Office Space

The hourly office space is space at our prestigious locations that can be rented for as long (or as short) as you need. From day offices to large boardrooms, we have something professional for you to use either to meet clients or to have a quiet place to build your practice.

Rentable meeting rooms give every law firm access to the same infrastructure that Big Law relies on to hold meetings, host depositions and mediations, and more. The days of battling projectors and rushing to set up are over — those details are all handled by the virtual space provider. Some providers, including Office Alternatives, even welcome guests, serve them coffee and water, and make sure they’re comfortable.

Some attorneys use our reception staff to meet and greet clients, client drop-off and pickup and for witnessing (extra charges occur).

Virtual Services

Virtual office services are services on-demand and à la carte. That means you only pay for the support you need when you need it (kinda like your legal hourly fee). They range from phone service, admin support, copy/print services, client drop-off/pickup, witnessing and more!

Phone Answering: Your Virtual Receptionist

An attorney could utilize phone answering services a variety of ways such as temporary time periods like vacations and during trials or trial preparation only or full-time Monday-Friday 8-5pm. This virtual service means your firm’s calls will be answered every single time without fail.

Many lawyers rely on phone answering services to handle all incoming calls, so they can spend more time on billable hours. They enjoy getting calls screened and automatically routed by a live person. Office Alternatives will answer calls using your firm’s name, but that’s just the beginning.

We deliver a fully personalized service, and your callers will never realize they’re speaking to a virtual receptionist. Office Alternatives can also provide scheduling service and in-take form help. This really frees you up from having to hire staff full-time or be bombarded with calls all day. It’s like having a dedicated, full-time receptionist on your team — without the price tag and management hassles.

Virtual Mail: Your Professional Business Address

Many attorneys use a virtual office provider such as Office Alternatives, to rent a physical business address for their business. This way they can use a fancy and professional office building in the heart of a business district as their business address on their website, business cards and more. They can get mail/packages in a secure safe place with 24/7 access. They also establish business continuity by never having to change their business’ address even when their residential may change several times over the years. There are plenty of benefits to a virtual business address:

  • They protect your privacy and make it easy to keep your personal and professional life truly With a virtual business address, lawyers who work remotely don’t need to use their home address for business purposes.
  • The optics of a premier business address can give your firm a competitive edge, and there will always be someone at the office to receive important mail.
  • Plus, this service makes expanding your practice and establishing a local footprint a breeze.
  • Business continuity – even if you move personally, you won’t have to update your business address everywhere.

Let’s get into some more detail on that last point, because it’s an important one. A virtual business address allows lawyers to maintain multiple office locations.

Permanent Executive Office Suites (month-to-month)

Ready to leave the house and stop working from home? Don’t get involved in long-term leases and heavy overhead costs. Keep your operating expenses low and take home more net revenue. Office Alternatives has long-term monthly suites all-inclusive for your practice to build on in 2 ABQ locations.

Each suite comes with everything you need to get running off the ground including free coffee, parking and filtered water. We never require a lease; all contracts are month-to-month with a 31-day notice to vacate.

Transform Your Law Firm

Now that you’ve learned how office space and virtual business services can help your law firm run more intelligently, efficiently, and profitably, fill out this simple online form to receive a personalized consultation for your practice. CLICK HERE

Your local Office Alternatives branch will be in touch to help you develop a personalized program that’s designed to save time, money, and energy. Think of us as your business partner …helping you achieve success –

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